Loren Kronemyer, Dan McCabe, and Guy Louden


Firstdraft, Sydney

6 September 2017


Preppers are a subculture of people that prepare for the collapse of society. They collect specialised survival products, skills, and knowledge. Prepping is both a hobby and a world view. It has its own aesthetics, vocabulary, and consumer objects, and also its own values and fantasies, centered around the moment of collapse and its aftermath, or in prepper terms, when the “shit hits the fan (SHTF)”.


New work for this exhibition includes a series of digital prints and a playable video game. Download the catalogue/essay, and the videogame (PC, 26mb). The exhibition was reviewed by Amelia Navascues for Framework.


This project has been funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) Culture and the Arts (WA). Work was produced during a residency at Fremantle Arts Centre.




Categories: Art