Network Archeology


Solo exhibition, 1-23 February 2019
Cool Change Contemporary, Perth


In the wastelands of a former city, a precious artefact was recovered. The city’s darkened greyfields, a desert of concrete and steel, held an unremarkable tower. Inside, in a corner of a dusty, forgotten room, lay an archeological treasure — an ancient computer server. Here it had waited, alone and unseen, for hundreds of years. It hummed quietly.


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Selected Exhibitions

    November 2019
    Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth
    Role: Artist, Producer

    6 September 2017
    Firstdraft, Sydney
    Role: Artist, Curator

    8 April 2017
    Polizia, Perth
    Role: Artist

    19 February 2016
    PIAF, Perth
    Role: Curator


Co-Founder Success, 2015. Co-Director Moana, 2014-2017. Co-Founder and Artist at Polizia, 2017.

Success was an ambitious platform for contemporary art, running from 2015 until 2016. Success transformed the abandoned basement of a department store into a cavernous 2,800m2 multi-gallery exhibition venue. Based in the historic city centre of Fremantle, Western Australia, the gallery presented more that 25 cutting-edge arts exhibitions, featuring over 90 international and Australian artists.

Moana Project Space was a prominent artist-run gallery that existed between 2012 and 2018. It exhibited emerging and leading experimental Australian artists alongside established national and international artists. It participated in the Perth International Arts Festival, Fringe World Festival, and Spring 1883. In 2017 Moana passed on to a new team of Directors, who in 2018 formed Cool Change Contemporary in new premises.



Guy Louden is an artist and curator based in Sydney. From 2014 to 2016, Louden was director of Moana Project Space, a leading artist-run gallery in Perth. In 2015, he co-founded and managed Success, a large-scale art space in Fremantle. He has curated exhibitions for the Perth International Art Festival, Moana, and Success. Since 2017, he has exhibited his own artwork, notably at Bus Projects (Melbourne), Firstdraft (Sydney), Cool Change Contemporary (Perth), and Polizia (Fremantle). Louden holds an MA in Art History from University of Manchester (2013), a Master of Art Curating from the University of Sydney (2018), and a BA from the University of Western Australia (2011).




2018 Master of Art Curating, University of Sydney
2012-13 Master of Arts (Art History), University of Manchester
2008-11 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts, English), University of Western Australia
2009-10 Study abroad scholarship University of California, Los Angeles



• Co-curator and Artist, Preppers, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2019
• Artist, Network Archeology, Cool Change Contemporary, 2019
• Artist, WROL, Bus Projects, 2018
• Artist and Co-curator, SHTF, Firstdraft, 2017
• Artist, Preppers, Polizia, 2017
• Curator and Artist, GaiaGolf, Claremont Arts Festival 2017
• Artist, Outdoor Kit, ArtTra festival, 2017
• Curator and Artist, Bye, Success, 2016
• Curator, No Confidence, Perth International Arts Festival, 2016
• Curator, Theatres, Perth International Arts Festival, 2015
• Curator, Specific Gravity, Moana Project Space, 2015



• Catalogue Text, Memories of the Network Age: Network Archeology, Cool Change, 2019
• Exhibition Exegesis, No Confidence: PIAF Visual Arts Guide, 2016
• Catalogue Essay, Khazi: Lilly Kaiser, Moana Project Space, 2015
• Exhibition Exegesis, Theatres: Perth International Arts Festival Guide, 2015
• Essay, Hyperborea, Free Range, 2014
• Catalogue Essay, Warning: Simon Finn, Moana Project Space, 2013



• Fremantle Arts Centre, 2017
• Curatorial Exchange, hosted by Artspace, 2016


Professional Experience

• Art Install Technician, Carriageworks, 2018-
• Art Install Technician, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2017
• Artist Field Officer/GA, Warakurna Artists, 2017
• Founder/Member, Polizia studio gallery, Fremantle 2017
• Art Install Technician, Wesfarmers Collection, 2016, 2019
• Artist Field Officer/GA, Martumili Arts, 2016
• Founder/Program Manager, Success, 2015
• Director, Moana Project Space, 2014-2017